About Us

Jewellery is much more than the combination of precious metals and stones. They are lasting memorabilia of everything that is good, refined, uplifting and generous about human relationship and life. They are bought and exchanged in moments of magical tenderness, affection, indulgence and exuberance. Each jewellery captures such sublime essence forever.

Aine Jewellery was born to celebrate love. We understand that the only way jewellery can be more precious and endearing is when it can be personalized for occasions and emotions you cherish in life.

Aine Jewellery is a promise to change the way jewellery is bought. With Aine Jewellery, each piece of jewellery is rife with many possibilities. It gives you option to make it exactly how you want it to be. So dive in. Explore and craft a jewellery that way you want, how you want and for who you want.


We only make what you create..
Every jewellery piece is exclusively made just for you.
Our mission is to solve a big gap that exist in the jewellery market – empowering customers by giving them freedom to design their own jewellery rather than purchasing jewellery that is aligned with the vendor’s best interest. At Aine Jewellery, you can create your own piece of jewellery, choose the gemstone that you want and we will set it on the design of your choice.


All our gemstones are of exquisite quality and certified by recognized independent gem grading laboratories. All our gold jewellery comes with trusted BIS Hallmark.

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